Sister’s Unite for Women’s History Month

By Nirvana Habash

This March, Center for Community Solutions wants to acknowledge the work of women past and present. From award winning actresses and directors to teenage revolutionaries— here are some of our favorite women through the decades. We honor you all as part of our Sisters Unite Campaign.




We could not be prouder to announce that academy award winning actress, Marlee Matlin, will be CCS’ keynote speaker at our annual tea on April 26th. Marlee is a hero who has shaped mainstream media by making a place for hard-of-hearing and deaf people on TV and film. You can catch Marlee on the ABC show, Switched at Birth, or see her in person at CCS’ 2013 Tea & Tonic.

Marlee, CCS’ Guest of Honor




Today we honor our co-founders, Carol Council and Joyce Nower, who helped create one of the first domestic violence shelters ever and the very first women’s studies program  in the  United States.  You  both sparked  an

incredible light in our community.





Yes, of THE Scripps Family. Ellen was a true local hero, someone who strived to improve the lives of women through simple gestures  and

grand ideas. Her life’s work is all around us.

Ellen’s Legacy




The latest inductees into the San Diego County

Women’s Hall of Fame.

San Diego’s Newest Inducted Heroes




Tina Fey Rocks! She has worked hard to redefine the image of women in the media by acting, writing, and out-clevering others on her way to the top. She is funny, honest and figured out how to have her cake and eat it too. We think she’s a powerhouse.

Rockstar Tina




It is thanks to women like Kathryn Bigelow that all of us can realize there are NO limits to what we can achieve. In 2012, Kathryn became the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director for The Hurt Locker. TIME Magazine raves that she is “the finest action director at work today”. That’s no small victory!

Kathryn’s Big Win




At a young age, Margaret Cho embarked on her path toward fame. Her comedic genius earned her the respect of many and got her a sitcom. Since then, Margaret has used her personal experiences to become outspoken on issues affecting all women starting at a young age: body image, bullying, independence. She’s a prime example of someone who chooses to improve the world by sharing her

sharing her story.

She’s a Riot




CCS is proud to highlight Ellen & Portia as two awesome women in the cause for equality. Celebrities have an opportunity to shed light on important issues and these two have used their love to garner support of the gay and lesbian community. We wish you a long and happy marriage!

Ellen’s “Brief” to the Supreme Court




Activist Alice Paul brought women’s issues to an all-male Congress, proposing the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) for the first time. She championed women’s rights and watched as the 19th Amendment passed, guaranteeing women’s suffrage.

Alice Paul From The Beginning




Maybe you’ve heard of Hillary Clinton? Well, CCS hopes so because there isn’t enough room on this page to fully cover Hillary’s impact on the rights of

people everywhere. Thank you for your lifetime of service!

More on Hillary




Women’s History Month is about those who have made and ARE making history. Recognized in 2006 by Forbes as the #17 most powerful women in the world, Michelle Bachelet is revered has having broken barriers in becoming Chile’s first female President.

Madam President




Really all we can say is, THANK YOU for passing VAWA.

A Sight to See



Chief Operating Officer, Facebook


Sheryl Sandberg is a triple threat: she’s business savvy, she’s a brilliant COO at Facebook, and now she’s practically a motivational speaker. She dares to ask us all to LEAN IN and stop sitting on the sidelines. Leading by example, she’s on the brink of becoming today’s most symbolic leader of the women’s movement for equality. “I truly believe that only when we get real equality in our governments, in our businesses, in our companies and our universities, will we start to solve this generation’s central moral problem, which is gender equality.”

Lean In with Sheryl



Founder, Children’s Defense Fund


When Marian Wright Edelman settled in Missisppi as the only female lawyer of her time, she knew it would be her opportunity to make a difference. After all this time, she has never given up. Founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, Marian made it her mission to improve the lives of children. In 2009, she spoke at CCS’ 10th Annual Tea — we owe so much gratitude to her and hope you will join our

collective efforts to make our world better for future generations.

A Brighter Tomorrow with Marian



Founder, Mary Kay Cosmetics


Who doesn’t know and love Mary Kay Cosmetics? She started with $5,000 and turned it into an internationally recognized, multi-million dollar brand. This is a story of success even after failure, as Mary Kay Ash was a business woman in a world dominated by men. Her legacy inspires others to never give up!

Mary Kay’s Empire



Owner, The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)


Oprah may just be the name heard ‘round the world. After decades as the leading talk show host, dealing with the most historically significant topics, interviewing people almost as famous as she is, and impacting the lives of viewers and admirers everywhere, Oprah decided to retire from her show….to

create a network. She is limitless.

Oprah Goes Down in History




CCS was honored to have Gloria Steinem speak at our #### Tea on the Town. She is honest, passionate, and dedicated to the cause of women’s rights. Her revolutionary views have paved a new path for women in the United States. Founder of Ms. Magazine, Gloria provided a platform for women to create open dialogue on sexual harassment, domestic violence, body image issues, and so much more.

The Lovely Gloria Steinem.




More than 50 years after she refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger, a Rosa Parks statue was revealed in the Capitol to honor her courageous efforts to end segregation. What began as a simple act following a long, hard day’s work, turned into a powerful civil rights movement that transformed the entire country. Rosa Parks is a true champion of equal rights.

A Statue for Equality




Malala Yousafzai is a 15-year old champion of women’s rights all over the world. After being shot by the Taliban for speaking out against the injust treatment of Pakistani women, Malala made an incredible recovery. She is now the youngest person to ever be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

A Young Revolutionary




CCS honors trans* leader, Sylvia Rivera for her work in promoting the rights of trans* people regardless of class, race, or sexual orientation.  Sylvia was part of the Stonewall Riot in NYC  which

sparked the Gay and Trans* movement.

United for All

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