Keeping Kids Safe in the Summer

By Nirvana Habash




It’s finally summertime and CCS is looking forward to warm months and beach days. A topic that comes up a lot during this time is how to prevent and protect our youth from sexual violence, mostly because as kids come home for the summer, parents and care givers are at a loss for helpful tools to address child sexual violence.

The American Psychological Association has some tips for you, and we tend to agree that these ones are the best:

1) Stranger Danger is a myth; most victims know the person who hurt them.

2) You might have Grandma Sue or Uncle George visiting– offer children the option on how to express affection to their loved ones. Forcing hugs and kisses does not promote positive boundary-setting.

3) At CCS, we teach “My Body Belongs To Me” so that children can determine what makes them comfortable and how to express that to others.

As always, if you suspect that your child is being physically or sexually assaulted, be a safe person and do not judge. Having consistent, open and honest dialogue with your child can aid them to feel more comfortable when telling you there is a problem.

For more, please give us a call– we’re here to help.




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