Funding Increases for VOCA, VAWA, and FVPSA Included in Final FY 16 Funding Bill

Thanks to all who contacted their Congress person and advocated for a funding increase! CPEDV summarizes the victory:

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) – $2.26 (estimated) billion will be distributed via State Victim Assistance Grants

This is approximately a 15% increase in State Victim Assistance Grants from the historically high funding in FY 15!

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – $477.5 million

VAWA funding was increased in several areas, most notably by $22 million for STOP (the formula grant to states to support services, law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts) and $4 million for Transitional Housing.

Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA) – $150 million

This funding level represents a $15 million increase for FVPSA!

Although the federal funding increases are very good news, it is disconcerting that the money going to VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) is coming from VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). As NCADV explains:

VAWA is taxpayer-funded and is intended to improve the system-wide response to violence against women; its primary recipients are law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and prevention programs.  VOCA, in contrast, is funded by criminal penalties and provides services and compensation for victims of all crimes; its primary recipients are direct service providers and individual victims.  These are two very different funding streams with different purposes and different recipients.

Nonetheless, thank you to all who helped make this happen. Our healing and prevention efforts could not exist without your tireless support.


By Lindsay Riedel

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