Policy Advocacy Day: Showing Support for Survivors in the Capitol

Yesterday, domestic violence advocates and activists from all over the state of California converged on the Capitol to encourage state representatives to support funding for prevention efforts and to address the economic security needs of our survivors.


Specifically, participants of CPEDV’s Policy Advocacy Day advocated for:

  1. Support: AB 1399 (Baker), which would create a check box on tax forms to provide the option for taxpayers to donate a portion of their tax return to support DV programs.
  2. Help promoting the CA Says No More license plate, of which sales go toward funding domestic violence prevention efforts. CPEDV must reach 7,500 pre-orders before these plates will go into production. You can help by filling out the form to get your CA Says No More plate and by sharing with your friends on social media!
  3. Repeal the Maximum Family Grant Rule which denies additional government services to families with a newborn who are already receiving financial assistance. Because the Max Family Grant Rule can have a severe impact on women who are victims of reproductive coercion, CPEDV requests that our representatives repeal by supporting SB 23.
  4. Support: AB 2057, which improves processes for domestic violence survivors trying to access CalFresh benefits during times of transition (i.e. leaving the abusive household to find safe, permanent housing).
  5. Support: AB 1678, a bill that extends the right to obtain a free police report to victims of sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, and elder abuse.

Big thank you to all who participated in Policy Advocacy Day and to the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence for organizing this annual event! Also, thank you to the 100+ representatives and legislative aides who met with participants to hear about some of the issues affecting domestic violence victims and their families. Their supportive comments and pledges to help is a wonderful step toward long lasting social change.



By Lindsay Riedel

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