Community Partnership Spotlight: Jessica Pride & The Pride Law Firm

CCS’ long time partnership with Jessica Pride empowers survivors of sexual assault and acts as a catalyst for social justice.

CCS & the Pride Law Firm: Helping Survivors of Sexual Assault

Center forJessica Pride Community Solutions and Jessica Pride at the Pride Law Firm work collaboratively with survivors seeking empowerment and social justice specifically through the civil court system.  Jessica Pride specializes in personal injury cases for sexual assault victims as a means to allow survivors access to financial resources and tools to enact change and healing.  By partnering with Jessica Pride, CCS clients can receive additional services and still have their CCS Sexual Assault Victim Advocate by their side every step of the way.

Jessica describes the importance of financial justice by referencing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. She explains in order for victims to heal and take back their power, the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and safety must be met.  Often times, due to the trauma experienced, victims of sexual assault are unable
to meet those basic needs. Financial justice can offer a first step on the road to empowering survivors and giving them the means to meet those needs. Whether taking on a culpable individual, corporation or municipality, Jessica uses the civil court system to send strong messages that result in serious changes.

In a recent successful case, CCS enlisted the services and resources of Jessica Pride and The Pride Law Firm to assist a survivor of sexual assault seeking civil justice services.  With the collaboration efforts of both organizations, The Pride Law Firm along with CCS’ legal and counseling teams were not only able to provide financial justice to one survivor, but also 14 additional survivors that came forward. The success of the case empowered the 15 survivors to find their voices, seek out services for healing, and ultimately ended that cycle of sexual violence.

Community and CCS 

Jessica has a deep-rooted passion for serving her community.  She accredits her drive to serve others from a sense of civic duty instilled in her by her parents’ example. They gave in multiple ways such as feeding the homeless on holidays, participating in adopt-a-family Christmas programs, donating to toy drives, and engaging in many other philanthropic endeavors.  As an adult, Jessica carved her own path by volunteering in the Big Brothers/Big Sister’s program for six years, and even worked as a Wish Granter for the Make a Wish Foundation. While working at San Diego’s Casey Gerry law firm, she fought for her first sexual assault survivor and felt the personal reward and vindication that come with helping a victim seek justice — and succeeding.  Jessica felt that she had found her true calling, which led her to seek out Center for Community Solutions to find out how she could continue helping survivors of sexual assault.

Jessica Pride & The Pride Law Firm at CCS 2016 Tea & Tonic Fundraising Event
Jessica Pride & The Pride Law Firm at CCS 2016 Tea & Tonic Fundraising Event

At CCS, Jessica attended the state approved 60-hour Crisis Intervention Training, which ultimately motivated her decision to break into her own practice specializing in serving survivors of sexual assault.  For over five years now, Jessica Pride has been a volunteer, supporter, and advocate for CCS.  She personally and professionally contributes to CCS by donating time, funds, and services to the mission to end relationship violence and sexual assault. Additionally, she sends her staff to CCS to receive the same state-approved, trauma-informed training in order to best serve their clients.





The quickly growing social media awareness campaign #WheelsForHer is Jessica Pride’s most recent public service initiative in ending sexual violence.  Shocked and disheartened by the Stanford rape case, Jessica was equally inspired by the two brave men on bicycles who not only stopped the rape in progress, but also chased and caught the attacker.  WheelsForHer supporters post photos of themselves on any type of wheels; bikes, skates, scooters, etc. to display a commitment to help end sexual assault.  The WheelsForHer movement has aligned with Center Community Solutions to the take the commitment even further and engage every member of our community to give their support and #StartTheConvo around preventing and educating others about sexual violence.  By joining in these initiatives, folks stand in solidarity with all survivors of sexual assault, and promote everyone’s essential role in ending sexual violence.


CCS is honored and grateful to work alongside Jessica Pride and the Pride Law Firm.  It is clear that partnerships with like-minded folks and organizations offer the path to ending relationship and sexual violence.  The relationship between CCS and Jessica Pride has offered hope, healing, and social justice for survivors.

Jessica Pride surmises perfectly: “I can’t wait to see the good things we can do.  When we work together we can create change.”


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