Sandra’s Story

immigration-status-memeSandra nervously walked into our office with a flyer from her daughter who brought it home from one of our school outreach programs.  She had been living with her abusive partner for 16 years and they have a child.  She was terrified because her husband used her immigrant status to threaten her, making her believe that she could be deported. 

Sandra’s husband was emotionally, mentally, financially, and physically abusive.  She thought that being forced into sex was just part of her “duties” as a wife.  After talking to one of our advocates, Sandra started to receive various services from CCS, including counseling.

One day, after an incident when both her husband and her 32-year old stepson physically abused her, CCS’ legal team helped Sandra get a permanent restraining order. Following a difficult and long legal process, Sandra finally got a divorce, received full custody of their child, and is receiving spousal support.

CCS is still by Sandra’s side as she continues her journey to healing. Today, Sandra has an apartment and is working towards getting her GED, and she wants to become an advocate for other domestic violence victims.

Sandra is so grateful for all the help that she received from CCS and she believes in paying it forward.  Recently, when she received a donation of turkey and trimmings, she decided to share this gift with another woman whose family has suffered.  Sandra recently said:                                                                                                                                              

“I am very happy that now I use tissues to dry my sweat and not my tears.”

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