Community Solutions No Matter the Distance


CCS’ Arlene Meza, Staff Attorney, and Ricardo Ramos, Prevention Coordinator at outreach event in the Mountain Empire region.

Center for Community Solutions is dedicated to being a catalyst for caring communities, which includes our communities that are geographically separated from the centralized San Diego communities.  We are honored to service the Mountain Empire region of San Diego County through prevention, education, advocacy, and legal services.

Typically, when someone thinks of San Diego, the glassy beaches and diverse nightlife of our Gaslamp Quarter come to mind. Often, the majestic national parks, hiking trails, and agricultural treasures to the east are overlooked or forgotten. Within these marvelous landscapes and views that will leave anyone in absolute awe, a rich culture of people from many paths of life can be found.

In our San Diego Mountain Empire region we provide services in collaboration with local providers and the Mountain Empire School District. Our prevention, education, and advocacy services department is currently engaging in conversations around healthy relationships and bystander intervention at the only high school in the region and in one of the middle schools in the Far East side of the region. Our educators facilitate these conversations with the youth and engage with them in youth-led projects that identify the assets and needs in their schools and communities. They then work together to bring about change by empowering their community to develop healthy relationships in schools, the family, and the greater community.

Mountain Empire Region Boundary

Mountain Empire is composed of binational folks who, for many reasons, reside south of the U.S. border and contribute to our workforce and education systems. These hard-working individuals and bright minded youth bring with them a new perspective and unique experience to our community.  Their challenges are ours and CCS is here to help them. Additionally, the region is home to many Native Nation folks. This enriches the region with deeply rooted culture and traditions that one can only experience in this gem of San Diego County. Furthermore, the region is home to many who simply enjoy the beauties of the land and the soothing sounds of nature.

CCS is grateful to be servicing the Mountain Empire region of San Diego County and we invite you to join us at our future outreach events and discover the splendor that lies beyond the city.


By Ricardo Ramos, CCS Prevention Coordinator


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