Message From Our CEO: A Beacon of Hope

Dear CCS supporters,

Many of us were disturbed, saddened, and still pained by the violent events in Virginia 1 ½ weeks ago.  As a supporter of CCS, I am reaching out to you to acknowledge that the violent, racist rhetoric that has followed are in direct contrast to our mission at CCS “ to be…a catalyst for caring communities and social justice.” 

These events have all of us questioning who we are as a nation and a community.  This violence can and must be stopped. The hatred, racism, and all elements of oppression are underpinnings of the trauma we see at CCS, and we know that it can be changed. This violence undermines the efforts of our staff and our corps of 350 volunteers who work tirelessly each day to address the oppression, marginalization, and disempowerment of individuals whose voices are not heard.

Your partnership and support of our work and CCS’ mission allows us to keep moving forward with hope for creating meaningful change.

Everyone in the CCS family – our staff, volunteers, and supporters like YOU, are beacons of hope for a better day.


Thank you for your commitment to our work and for all that you do!





Verna Griffin-Tabor


Center for Community Solutions


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